Atlantic Township History

OF THE NEW JERSEY COAST Originally published by
Woolman & Rose of Philadelphia 1878

History of Atlantic Township-1878

This township was incorporated in 1847. It is bounded on the north by Holmdel and Middletown, on the east by Shrewsbury, on the south by Howell and Wall, on the west by Freehold and Marlborough. Its population is 6513.

The principal town is Colt's Neck. This township was formed from Shrewsbury, Freehold and Middletown.

Colt's Neck, formerly called Caul's Neck, is the principal village, and is situated near the middle of the township. It contains a church, two stores, and a number of dwellings.

Near this town, in a clay bank beside a brook, was formerly a cave, divided into several rooms. At this place is still seen the residence of Captain Joshua Huddy, a noted partisan leader in the Revolutionary War.

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