Eatontown Township History

OF THE NEW JERSEY COAST Originally published by
Woolman & Rose of Philadelphia 1878

History of Eatontown Township-1878

This township was incorporated in 1873. It is bounded on the north and west by Shrewsbury, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Ocean Township. The principal towns are Eatontown and Oceanport.

Eatontown village was settled in 1730 by Thomas Eaton. In 1873 his dwelling was still standing, on the north side of Millbrook. It has an Episcopal, a Baptist, a Methodist, and a Presbyterian church, a public and private school, and a number of stores.

The village proper contains about 800 inhabitants, and is surrounded by thickly settled farming districts. A flourishing mill is located on a large mill-poind. The latter furnishes fine amusement for the young for fishing and sailing in the summer, and for skating in the winter. It had a large tannery, two good hotels, ten stores, and the usual number of mechanics.

Oceanport is situated on Shrewsbury River, three miles from the shore. Formerly this was a shipping point for a considerable section of country, and was known as Eatontown Dock.

It is near Monmouth Park race-course, the opening of which has given great impetus to travel in this vicinity. The races, under direction of the Monmouth Park Association, during the month of July, are considered by many people an attractive feature of this vicinity. They are said to have the best track in America, being a full mile long, with wide-sweeping turns, thereby lessening the probability of accidents.

The grand stand is located just in front of the judges' stand, and is one of the handsomest structures on this side of the Atlantic.

Branchport is three-quarters of a mile from Long Branch. It is directly opposite Portaupeck, an old Indian camping-ground, and a pleasant resort for visitors. Fifty years ago this point was the residence of Peter Wardell, and was known as Wardell's Island. Oysters and fish abound here. It is at the head of Pleasure Bay, and a suburb of Long Branch.

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