Washington Letter regarding Huddy Murde

By William Horner
Originally published by
Moreau Brothers of Freehold, NJ 1932
Reprinted in 1974

Letter from Washington Philadelphia, Mary 8 (1782).

The following is said to be a genuine copy of the letter from his Excellency General Washington to Sir Henry Clinton, on the subject of the murder of Captain Huddy:

Head-Quarters, April 21, 1782

The enclosed representation from the inhabitants of the county of Monmouth, with testimonials to the fact, (which can be corroborated by other unquestionable evidence) will bring before your Excellency the most wanton, cruel, and unprecedented murder that ever disgraced the arms of a civilized people. I shall not, because I conceive it altogether unnecessary, trouble your Excellency with any animadversions on this transaction; -- to save the innocent, I demand the guilty.

Captain Lippencut, therefore, or the officer who commanded at the execution of Captain Huddy, must be given up; or if that officer was of inferior rank to him, so many of the perpetrators as will, according to the tariff of exchange, be an equivalent. To do this, will mark the justice of your Excellency's character. In failure of it, I shall hold myself justified, in the eyes of God and man, for the measure to which I shall resort.

I beg your excellency to be pursuaded, that it cannot be more disagreeable to you to be addressed in the language, than it is to me to offer it; but the subject requires frankness and decision.

I have to request your speedy determination, as my resolution is suspended but for your answer.

I have the honor to be, etc.

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