This is an inventory of my Beer Can Collection. The collection was started while I lived in the midwest, (Original BCCA#5905) and there are many hard to find items from there. I continued to collect when I moved back to NJ, so yes, there are some hard-to-find East Coast cans.

By the early 80s, I was no longer able to devote time to this, and stopped collecting new issues at that time.

I have downsized, and need to sell off the collection.

I have about 2100 domestic(US) and ~350 non-US in the collection.

Count   Type
48   US 7,8 & 10 oz. PT/FT
40   US 11 oz. PT/FT
1725   US 12 oz. PT/FT
16   US 14 oz. PT/FT
2   US 15 oz. PT/FT
274   US 16 oz. PT/FT
1   US 24 oz. PT/FT
Currently inventoried:
Cone Tops (A-I)
Cone Tops (I-R)
Cone Tops (S-Z)
FT/PT 7-10 oz
FT/PT 11 oz
FT/PT 12 oz (A-D)
FT/PT 12 oz (E-H)
FT/PT 12 oz (I-M)
FT/PT 12 oz (N-Q)
FT/PT 12 oz (R-S)
FT/PT 12 oz (T-Z)
FT/PT 12 oz (Novelty)
FT/PT 14 oz
FT/PT 15 & 24 oz
FT/PT 16 oz (A-M)
FT/PT 16 oz (N-Z)
FT/PT 16 oz (Novelty)

NON-US 275 ml (63 cans)

NON-US 12 oz (155 cans)
NON-US 440 ml (72 cans)

I also have many cases of traders (~60 PT cases, 6 FT cases), including 70s issue steel, Olde Frothingslosh, Iron City, Bilows Garden State, and others.

If you are seriously interested in the collection, please contact me at: